Hyderabad, Aug.3 (NSS): The Siddipet MLA and TRS senior leader Mr T Harish Rao has advised the
teachers and students of Telangana region to tear out the page containing ‘Maa Telugu Talliki’ poem
from the school books.
Addressing the Telangana Teachers one day Deeksha here at Indira Park on Wednesday, Mr
Harish Rao has given a call to take up the tearing of the Telugu Talli poem page as a movement. He
also urged the Telangana public representatives to tender their resignations again. He said that the
Delhi leaders would be suffocated only with the second time resignations. He alleged that the
Telangana public representatives have no sincerity in tendering resignations again though the Chief
Minister and Speaker had hatched a conspiracy in rejecting the resignations.
Stating that justice would be done to the ‘Sakala Janula Samme’ (general strike) only when all
the Telangana public representatives tendered their resignations, he warned the State government not to
conduct the SI Examination until the 14(F) Clause of Presidential Order was removed. He alleged that
there was no progress in removing the 14(F) Clause though the State Assembly passed a resolution 16
months ago.
The TDP suspended leader Dr Nagam Janardhan Reddy has questioned the Seemandhra people
as to how they have the right to loot the jobs of the Telangana youth. (NSS)

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