Hyderabad, Aug.3 (NSS): The Chintalapudi MLA Mr Rajesh has said that he will demand the Centre
and the State Chief Minister for a special district for the reserved constituencies falling under West
Godavari, East Godavari and Krishna districts in the name of freedom fighter Alluri Seetharamaraju.
He demanded the State government to allot special package or autonomous status to the development
of these constituencies.
Speaking to the media at the Assembly Committee Hall here on Wednesday, Mr Rajesh said that
the reserved constituencies Thiruvuru, Nuzeevedu from Krishna district, Chintalapudi, Gopalapuram
from West Godavari, Rampachodavaram and Jaggampet from East Godavari district were under
developed just because they were reserved constituencies. He alleged that the successive governments
were showing partiality in allotting funds to these reserved constituencies leading to
underdevelopment. He said that the Rural Development Minister Mr Dokka Manikyavaraprasad was
excerising on these issues though he belongs to Guntur district. (NSS)

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