A: Anal Beads:  string of beads inserted into the back cavity during sex and removed just prior to orgasm in order to heighten sensation.

B: BDSM: An acronym for “Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochism.”  An umbrella term for a number of sexual practices focussed on control, power, restraint and pain.

C: Clitoris: Female sexual organ located externally on the vulva. When stimulated, it hardens and produces an orgasm.

D: Dildo:  A (sometimes phallic, sometimes not) sex toy with no moving parts or vibrating function used for internal stimulation.

E: Erection: The hardening of the male sexual organ as a result of arousal that prepares him for sex

F: Frottage: The consensual act of rubbing against someone for sexual pleasure.

G: G-spot: A female sexual organ located internally, sometimes hard to locate without an especially designed sex toy, which when stimulated, produces orgasm.

H: Hentai: A graphic form of animation (anime) fromJapanwhich illustrates sexual scenes.

I: Infantilism: A niche sexual practice where one adult role-plays being an infant (sometimes wearing nappies) being disciplined by another adult who plays a mother figure.

J: Jism: Another word for semen, cum or sperm.

K: Kegel Exercises: Pelvic floor exercises performed by women and men to increase muscle strength, control and improve orgasm. Women can get assisted with Duo Balls.

L: Lingam: Ancient Indian term for the representation of the penis; appears in the Kama Sutra and often used in reference to Tantric Sex.

M: Mazophillia: An obsessive sexual fascination with woman’s breasts.

N: Non-Orthogenic Sex: Any act of sex that takes place for any reason other than for procreation.

O: Oralism: A broad term encompassing any sexual activity involving oral stimulation of the genitals. In the doctrine of Psychology, this term is used to describe any pleasurable activity involving the mouth, from smoking to eating and also oral sex.

P: Petit Mort: A French phrase. Literally, meaning ‘Little Death’ but figuratively pertaining to an orgasm. May have been derived from the notion that an intense orgasm can cause one to pass out, or experience a ‘mini death.’

Q: Quickie: Term used to describe a brief encounter of sexual intercourse. Usually a spontaneous and informal event with no foreplay leading to a hurried orgasm.

R: Rabbit Vibrator:  A popular sex toy characterized by having both an internal shaft and external clitoral stimulator combined in one unit. So called, because the clitoral tickler attachment is often shaped like a rabbit.

S: Shrimping: Term use to describe licking, sucking or kissing someone’s toes during sex.  Part of a greater sexual fetish, known as podophilia.

T: Tantalolagnia: Term used to describe feeling sexually aroused when being teased.

U: Uttana-Bandha: A term that appears in the Ananga Ranga, an ancient Indian book of sexual wisdom, from the late 15th century. Describes the sexual position where the male partner is on top.

V: Vita Sexualis: A Latin phrase translated as ‘sex power.’ Meant to encompass the notion that sex plays a powerful role in life, be it for good or for evil.

W: World’s Oldest Profession: Refers to prostitution which is believed to be the service offered in the first cash-for-commodity businesses.  It is thought to have begun with the Aztecs inMesoamerica. Became a legal occupation inNew Zealanddue to the Prostitution Reforms Act in 2003.

X:  Xenerotica: A contemporary term for sexual attraction to strangers. Otherwise known as a typical Friday night.

Y: Yoni: An Ancient Indian term for the vagina or a representation of the vagina.  Appears prominently in the Kama Sutra and often used in the practise of tantric sex.

Z:  Zooerastia: Term used to describe sexual arousal from stroking and caressing animals. May stem from a fetish for animal fur and skins.



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