Her job is best in the world – editing “Sexy Books”

Dian Hanson has one of the best job titles in the world. As the official “Sexy Book” editor at Taschen, she gets to write and edit books such as The Big Book of Breasts and its popular follow-up, The Big Penis Book. Her latest project was editing Liz Earls’ erotic photography book titled Days of the Cougar. We asked Hanson if she’d be interested in curating a list of her favorite sexy books and she enthusiastically agreed, with the proviso that “everyone’s concept of a ‘sexy book’ is different.” We were surprised at some of her choices, but her explanations for her decisions are seductive and enlightening. Hanson writes, “The following are books that have had an impact on my sexual development, knowledge or pleasure through the years. Not all were intended to be stimulating, but all definitely deal with the subject of sex, and are treasured additions to my library. They are listed in the order in which I discovered or created them.” Click through to check out her sexy selections — it should go without saying that some of these are NSFW, so be careful when clicking if you are gainfully employed and aim to stay that way.


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