Hyderabad, Aug.8 (NSS): Planet Earth is suffering from the problems like global warming, environmental pollution, climate change, depleting natural resources and so on. With a view to improve the conditions for Earth and provide a healthy environment and breathable air for the generations to come, a Oneness Green Project has been initiated. The project involves planting, caring and growing one crore trees in 16 States across India. As part of it, the planting of one lakh tree saplings in and around the Ranga Reddy district was kicked off here at Hyderabad. Ms Y. Saraswati Rao, Andhra Mahila Sabha chairperson; Ms G.L.K. Durga, Andhra Mahila Sabha Principal; Prof. Rama Krishna, NSS Coordinator; Ms Pranaya, Sri Amma Bhagavan Youth Seva Samithi president, along with Samithi members and students from Andhra Mahila Sabha Arts & Science College for Women took part in a ceremony to kick off the tree plantation drive here at Andhra Mahila Sabha Arts & Science College for Women at Osmania University campus, here on Sunday. Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest Ms Y. Saraswati Rao, Chairperson, Andhra Mahila Sabha said that due to rapid urbanization, road widening, development and so on, we are losing green cover and planting of the trees should be taken up as it is need of the hour and there is a need for collaboration with government on this. The Andhra Mahila Sabha principal, Ms Durga, has questioned whether our grand children can enjoy nature as we are enjoying today. She urged upon youth to become worthy citizens and contribute to the country and society. The tree sapling planted at Andhra Mahila Sabha today as part of the Oneness Green Project will be cared and nurtured by the NSS units I & II of their college, she informed. The project involves planting, caring and growing one crore trees across India in 16 states. Over 500 registered centers of Oneness with highly motivated and dedicated volunteers will focus on areas such as Village backyards, Rural & Urban schools, Colleges, Canal Banks, Housing colonies, public places, etc. for planting trees. The Oneness Green Project will cover 16 states across India viz. Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. The Oneness Green Project will go a long way in providing green cover for India. Tree planting taken up by Oneness is unique because it involves planting, caring and growing involving citizens and community providing a common cause for the betterment of environment for the generations to come. It is a pity that of all the species on the planet, the most evolved and the most intelligent of them all – Humans – have caused the greatest damage to Earth. In pursuit of comfort and convenience, we have forgotten that Earth is the only home to us and all the other living beings. Though there is no overnight solution to the world’s ecological problems, the simplest and the most effective is to grow trees. Trees not only impact the local environment, they help in regenerating the ecological process. Planting trees is the most effective action one can take to truly heal the environment informed Mr. Nagraj, Secretary of Sri Amma Bhagavan Youth Seva Samithi, Bhagayanagar. According to US Forest Service, planting 100 million trees could reduce an estimated 18 million tons of carbon per year. Over a 50-year lifespan, a tree generates almost $32,000 worth of oxygen, providing $62,000 worth of air pollution control. This tree would also be responsible for recycling $37,500 worth of water and controlling $31,000 worth of soil erosion. The Worldwatch Institute, in its Reforesting the Earth paper, estimated that the earth needs at least 321 million acres of trees planted just to restore and maintain the productivity of soil and water resources, annually remove 780 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere and meet industrial and fuel wood needs in the third world. For every ton of new-wood growth, about 1.5 tons of CO2 are removed from the air and 1.07 tons of life-giving oxygen is produced. For further information, Mr. Nagraj, Green Project Coordinator, Sri Amma Bhagavan Youth Seva Samithi, Hyderabad can be reached on Mobile 7569095687. (NSS)


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