Hyderabad, Aug. 9 (NSS): Telangana Auto Drivers Joint Action Committee, on Tuesday, observed ‘Quit India’ historic day as ‘Quit Corruption’ day and declared support to Mr Anna Hazare’s fast from August 16.

The Telangana Auto Drivers JAC also staged a protest dharna at RTA office, West Zone, Mehdipatnam against growing corruption in the government offices.

Speaking on this occasion, the JAC convenor Mr Amanullah Khan alleged that corruption in the RTA office, West Zone, was on the increase day by day. He said although the drivers and owners were advised to approach directly to the RTA offices, he said that it was a matter of regret and shame that the RTA staff do no spare even the military people who live and die for the country from their corrupt practices when they approach the offices for issuance of civillian driving licenses and other transactions. He said that there was every need to fight against the growing corruption in the country wherever it was and in whichever form. Whether it was in the high places or in the government administration, so that the hard earned money of the poor does not go into the packets of corrupt politicians or corrupt government servents, he added.

The leaders also burnt effigy of the corruption on the occasion. They also gave slogans like, ‘RTA waalo rishwat ka bazar bandh karo’, ‘Anna Hazare zindabad’, ‘Anna Hazare sangharsh karo-hum thumhare saat hain’.

JAC leaders Mr J Ravinder, Mr Hameed Ansari, Mr SKB Zama, Mr G Ramesh, Mr Mohd. Dastagir and Mr Thakur Jai Singh also spoke. (NSS)


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