Hyderabad, Aug. 9 (NSS): Opining that remaining mum while watching the corrupt practices as also a crime, the State CPI secretary Dr K Narayana has said that the Left Parties were trying to take up the ‘Quit Corruption’ movement across the nation.

Mr Narayana has started a 24-hours ‘Deeksha’ against  ‘Corruption’ here on Tuesday on the occasion of Quit India Day. Speaking on this occasion Mr Narayana said that the CPI  leades Mr Gurudas Das Gupta, Mr Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy had addressed a letter to the Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh in 2008  on the  2G-Spectrum Scam,  but the latter didn’t care about the letter and said that it was morally wrong on the  part of the Prime Minister. He said that the Left Parties have moral right to fight against the corrupt practices becuse they remained clean till date from the day the nation got freedom.

Allahabad High Court former Chief Justice Ambati Laxma Rao has formally launched the CPI Deeksha. The TDP suspended leaders Dr Nagam Janardhan Reddy, Mr K Harishwar Reddy, CPI (ML) New Democracy leader Mr Goverdhan, HMTV CEO Mr K Ramachandra Murthy, Telangana Political JAC Co-Chairman Mr Mallepally Laxmaiah, Andhra Jyothy editor Mr K Srinivas, Doctors of Telangana Convenor Mr Bura Narsaiah Goud, Andhra Intellectuals Forum president Mr Ch Srinivas and others visited the Deeksha camp  and extended their support to Dr Narayana.

The Deeksha will end at 11 AM on Wednesday. (NSS)



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