Hyderabad, Aug. 9 (NSS): Telangana RTC Joint Action Committee has made it clear here that the JAC and the RTC workers were not afraid of the Government’s move to use ESMA against them for  going  on strike,  a demanded the Centre to introduce the Telangana Bill in the Parliament.
Speaking to the media at NSS here today, JAC Convenor Mr K Raji Reddy said the Government should give up the move to use ESMA against the workers, respect the sentiment of the Telangana people and initiative steps for formation of separate State. He said the T RTC JAC has given the call for indefinite strike to protest against the discriminatory attitude of the Management against Telangana region. He said that in the Bus Bhavan at Hyderabad, out of 1000 staff, 800 hail from Amdhra region. Similarly in operating Volvo, Garuda, Hi-Tech and Super Luxury services also, Seemandhra region was given prioritym while condemned buses were run in Telangana region. More depots were opened in Seemandhra region, due to political influence, while in Telangana the number of Depots were not in proportion to the population of the region.
Mr Reddy also alleged that Samaikyaandhra leaders were operating their own buses as Stage carriers and causing losses to the RTC. He urged the RTC staff from all the ten Telangana districts to participate in the ‘chalo JBS’ programme in Hyderabad at 3 pm on August 10 and send signals to the State and Central Governments on the need for formation of separate Telangana state. (NSS)

Hyderabad, Aug. 9 (NSS): The Telangana employees of the Secretariat, the seat of state administration, held lunch hour demonstration on the second consecutive day also.
The Telangana employees held demonstration in front of J block. They raised slogans in support of formation of separate Telangana state. As a part of ‘work to rule’, they left the offices exactly 5 pm. Actually, the employees of the Secretariat work beyond the office hours to clear the work. There was none to assist the Secretaries who stayed in the office after 5 pm also to clear the urgent works.(NSS)

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