Hyderabad, Aug.10 (NSS): The CPI State Secretary, Dr K. Narayana, has said that the fights of his party and other democratic and secular forces have started against rampant corruption would not stop. He said there would be a greater and broad-based fight in future.

He was speaking after ending his fast, marking the end of the 24-hour fasts his party has undertaken all over the State. Telangana Praja Front Chairman Gaddar, Freedom Fighter Burgula Narasinga Rao, and Vedakumar gave lime juice to Dr Narayana for ending his fast. Party workers shouted slogans “Kick out Corruption,” and “Bring back black money from foreign countries.”

Gaddar has said that that the imperialistic corruption was the greatest of dangers. He said only the working class has the history of fighting against corruption. When the country achieved freedom, only 10 per cent went into the pockets of the rulers and now it has increased to 70 per cent”, said Veda Kumar.

Dr. Narayana has expressed happiness that the “Quit Corruption” fasts undertaken on the Quit India Day have become successful. He said that the rulers instead of taking action on big fish, are claiming big achievement by arresting petty corrupt employees. He has questioned why the government was not divulging the names of Indians who have stashed away 73 lakh crores of rupees in foreign banks. He has stated that there was news that there was Rs 2.85 lakh crores in the name of Rajiv Gandhi, Rs 35,000 crores in the name of Karunanidhi and Rs 10,000 crores in the name of Stalin (Karunanidhi’s son) and alleged that this was the reason why the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, was not opening his mouth and revealing the names of the culprits.

Dr Narayana has said that if the black money was brought back, the poor could have free education, health care, pucca houses, free midday meal and several other facilities. Instead of bringing back the black money, he has alleged that the government was bargaining with the hoarders of wealth that it would tax 50 per cent of their ill-gotten wealth. He said the person who bargains with a thief was a bigger thief. Charging that the Prime Minister post has become the breeder of corruption, he said if it was not included in the Lok Pal Bill, it would be a trunk without head. He said while Dhrutarashtra was blind to the all round dishonesty, Dr Manmohan Singh has closed his eyes to corruption all around him. He has also said that because the rulers have taken massive kickbacks, they are giving lands to private power plants even killing the land owners. If all these evils were to be curbed, small agitations would not suffice, he has remarked and called for a broader and more intensive all India fight.

Finding fault with the government for not honoring the Assembly resolution on scrapping of the 14 F clause of the Presidential Order, Dr. Narayana has said that the Union Minister, Mr Chidambaram has brought disgrace to his position by stating that one more resolution of the Assembly was needed.

Mr Baba Masky and his wife Ms.Sobha Masky, who have undertaken a padayatra from Nagpur in Maharashtra to Hyderabad, supporting the cause of smaller states have come to the fast camp and greeted Dr Narayana. They have started the Yatra from Nagpur on August 2, with shackles on. They have said that they stay in Hyderabad until Telangana was declared.  (NSS) 


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