Sexy star Rakhi Sawant to sell lingeries

Rakhi Sawant is branching out. The item girl-turned-chat show host wants to sell lingerie. Oh yeah, just any lacey stuff won’t do; she has to have the latest trend: the C-string. Not a bad choice, especially considering all the revealing outfits she wears on her show Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniyaan. But Rakhi ain’t the only gal to benefit from this new invention. Here’s our pick of a few more B-towners who should make a beeline for the nearest C-string store…

Demands C String
The makers of an upcoming teleseries were left stunned when controversy girl Rakhi Sawant demanded c-string panties for her. She recently revealed that her step was inspired by American reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

“I’ve been inspired by reality TV star Kim Kardashian to wear C-string panties in my show. Usme strings nahi hai, use pehnna daring wala kaam hai,” Rakhi is quoted to have said.

What’s funnier is that the item girl wants panties in three colours: red, pink and purple. She claims that she will be the first Indian actress to wear these weird thongs. The producers are believed to have spent about Rs. 75 lakh on Rakhi’s dresses only.

The item girl has sprung back into headlines with her sensational statements about wanting to marry Baba Ramdev.


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