Hyderabad, Aug.16 (NSS): The Telugu Desam Party president, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, here on Tuesday, took to the road suddenly on hearing that the well-known social reformer and tireless crusader against corruption, Mr Anna Hazare, was arrested by the police in Delhi.

The former chief minister, who was addressing party leaders and workers in the NTR Trust Bhavan, wound up the meeting abruptly on hearing that Anna Hazare was taken into custody and trekked towards Ambedkar statue at Tank Bund. He was followed by party MLAs, MPs and over 1,000 party workers.

There was overwhelming support to the padayatra of the TDP supremo. Mr Naidu staged a dharna at the Ambedkar statue at Tank Bund.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Naidu said the social reformer, who was crusading against rampant corruption in the country, was only demanding that the Prime Minister and judiciary be brought under the purview of the Jan Lokpal Bill. But the fastidious Congress-led UPA government at the Centre has chosen to foil his hunger strike by ordering his arrest in utter violation of human rights, he added.

Condemning Mr Hazare’s arrest, Mr Naidu said the Centre’s attitude towards the peaceful Gandhian amounted to usurping human rights. The former chief minister also declared that his party would continue an uncompromising struggle against corruption in the country. Launching dharnas and fasts against corruption was a democratic right, he asserted. (NSS)


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