Hyderabad, Aug. 17 (NSS): The State CPI secretary, Dr K Narayana, on Wednesday demanded that the UPA government first tender apologies to the social activist, Mr Anna Hazare, and the nation before releasing the latter from the jail.

Dr Narayana, along with the party activists, held a dharna at Himayat Nagar in protest against the arrest of Anna Hazare.

Speaking to the media, Dr Narayana opined that the Centre has committed a faux pass by arresting Mr Anna Hazare, who planned to go on hunger strike demanding introduction of Jan Lokpal Bill. Fearing agitations by civil society across the country, the government has announced release of the Gandhian from Tihar Jail. He also questioned the necessity of the arrest of the social activists, who were agitating peacefully. First of all, the Centre should apologize to Mr Hazare before releasing him form the jail, he added.

Lashing out at the UPA government for attesting and sending Mr Hazare to jail, the CPI leader felt that those who should be in jail were leading luxurious life outside and those who did not commit any
mistake were being sent to jails by the government.

On the YSR Congress Party president, Mr Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, approaching the Supreme Court over CBI inquiry into his assets and business ventures, the CPI leader reminded that the latter had earlier challenged to face any inquiry into his properties. He also questioned why Mr Jagan was afraid of CBI inquiry into his assets and filed a petition in the Apex court if he did not commit any mistake. That mean Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy indirectly admitted his mistakes. If Mr Jagan feels that he had not committed any mistake, he should cooperate with the High Court in the case. (NSS)



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