Brad Pitt Hardly Speaking With Angelina Jolie

On August 6, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie celebrated their son Maddox’s 10th birthday. But there wasn't much celebrating to be had between them.

The Jolie-Pitts sat in the orchestra section and reserved extra seats for privacy to see the hit musical Wicked at London’s Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Lucky for the other patrons that they did so. Why?

A source at the theater tells OK! (yeah, we know):

“Maddox looked so uncomfortable after about 20 minutes and tried to get his parents’ attention - while his sister Shiloh was scared and crying.”

“Brad and Angelina turned very tense the whole time. They hardly spoke, and as soon as the show was over, they went their separate ways.”

That about sums up Brangelina these days.

The wedding buzz may swirl around the couple, but they’ve been leading separate lives in London as Brad films his zombie thriller, World War Z.

When he's not filming, sources say he spends off-hours with pals, in particular a mysterious young assistant who we've reported on before.

“Angelina is seething!” the insider says. “When she rearranged her schedule and flew to London to be with Brad, she imagined they’d be having romantic dinners and hanging out together on the set, and he’s basically blowing her off.”

In Angie’s view, Brad is basically a bad boyfriend.

“They had plans; then he’s left her hanging at the last minute,” the source says of the pair. “For instance, they were supposed to go to this French restaurant."

"Angie got all dressed up. Then he called and canceled.”

[Photo: Fame Pictures]

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