Hyderabad, Aug., 20(NSS): Health Minister D.L. Ravindra Reddy on Saturday accused Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy of indulging in illegal financial dealings and money laundering in the name of Sundur Power Project.

Speaking to the media, Dr. Ravindra Reddy, the close-associate –turned-adversary of late YSR, pointed out that the CBI had only pinpointed the Kadapa MP of misusing of his late father’s position as Chief Minister for all the misdeeds. While stating that the late YSR was in the dark about his son’s misdeeds, the Health Minister alleged that Jagan had floated many benami and fictitious companies in the name of Sundur Power Project to amass wealth.

The Health Minister was aghast that Jagan who had derived various benefits from the Congress party now has the timidity to blame the party for his current problems which was his own making.

Wondering why Jagan was no coming forward to reveal the source of his financial investments in his companies to prove his innocence, Dr. Ravindra Reddy regretted that the Kadapa MP was trying to drag the  High Command in his imaginary and fictitious claims. In this regard he pointed out that Mr. Ahmad Patel, the Political Advisor to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, was in touch with the late YSR only on political matters.

Challenging the legislators supporting Jagan to resign and get elected again on the YSR Congress Party, Dr. Ravindra Reddy said that the affairs of party MP Mr. Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, who is a staunch supporter of Jagan, would be exposed shortly. He also clarified that he had not named Mr. K.V. P. Ramchander Rao in the Emaar issue and that he had only mentioned about the role of some “hidden forces” behind the scam.” Everything will come out once the CBI investigations are completed”, he observed. (NSS).


Hyderabad, Aug., 20(NSS): The CBI which is currently investigating into what has come to be known as Jagan-Emaar scandal is likely to include some more names as accused in the FIR already registered in this regard.

This action of the CBI seem to in the wake of certain new findings during the course of continuing searches in the premises of various firms and individuals who had invested in the companies floated by Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy.

The CBI continued its operation searches in various places on the third consecutive day today. As part of this operation, three teams raided the residence of a business magnate A.K. Dandamudi, who si stated to have made huge investments in Jagati Publications, which brings out the Sakshi daily newspaper.

On reaching the residence of this investor in Secunderabad, the officials were surprised to find the premises locked. Inquiries from the watchmen could not yield any information regarding the whereabouts of the person. However arming themselves with required permission and in the presence of the neighbors the CBI authorities broke open the locks and conducted searches in the premises and laid hands open a number of incriminating documents.

Another team of officials headed by the CBI Joint Director Mr. Lakshminarayana searched the premises of Ramki Ltd in Somajiguda. This firm also made huge investments in Jagati publications. As ma matter of fact the CBI has searched various premises of firms and individuals who had invested in Jagati publications and thoroughly scrutinized their bank accounts. The premises of Alpha Villa in Secunderabad and the godowns of Sakshi newpaper in Medchal were also subjected searches today.

Informed sources disclosed that following new information gathered after today’s searches in various places, the CBI authorities seem to be preparing to include some more names as accused in the FIR. As of now 74 names have been mentioned as accused in the FIR and the number is likely to go up in the coming days when the searches would continue.

Speaking to the media, the CBI Joint Director Mr.Lakshminarayan declined to disclose any details about the findings so far ion their searches of various premises except that the searches would continue for some days. He said the searches at Bangalore in the premises belonging to Jagan have been completed and various account books seized are being examined.

Stating that no decision has been taken so far of making any arrests till now, Mr.Lakshminarayan said that all the relevant material and information with regard to the investigation are being gathered and only after a thorough scrutiny of the material, necessary details of the probe would revealed to the media.

What is intriguing is that on one hand the CBI is continuing its searches in various premises and on the other hand the Congress leaders including legislators and ministers are engaged in washing dirty linen in this affair with the pro and anti Jagan groups busy in an unbridled blame game.(NSS).




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