Hyderabad, Aug., 20(NSS): Congress Rajya Sabha member V. Hanumantha Rao on Saturday challenged Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy to disclose with any evidence that late YSR had made huge contributions as party funds to the High Command.

Speaking to media Mr. Hanumantha Rao ridiculed the claim of the YSR Congress President that the Mr. Ahmad Patel, Political Advisor to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was regularly in touch with late YSR during his regime seeking various favors.

Lashing out at Jagan for such “frivolous” charges and claims, Mr. Hanumantha Rao pointed out that as Political Advisor Mr. Ahmad Patel would be in touch with various Chief Ministers regarding the implementation of various welfare schemes.  “That does not mean that he was seeking favors on behalf of the High Command”, he observed.

Mr. Hanumantha Rao further said that as the noose was tightening around Jagan’s neck for amassing wealth by dubious means, he was desperately trying to wriggle out by making imaginary charges against the High Command. “By accusing the Congress High Command of conspiring against him and indulging in witch hunting, he is trying to gain sympathy of the people in vain”, he quipped.

The Congress MP also ridiculed the demand of former minister Mr. Balineni Srinivas Reddy for a CBI probe against all the ministers who had served in the late YSR cabinet.(NSS).



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