Harry Potter’s magical binoculars become a reality


London: Scientists have developed binoculars which allow users to pause, rewind and playback the objects they were viewing. A devise has been developed, which is similar to the magical devise used by Harry Potter in the Hollywood flick.

Researchers at Sony who developed the devise say that this could revolutionize bird watching, horse racing, cricket and opera watching.

In the film “Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire” such magical devise was shown, and Sony experts claim that this new invention is similar to the imaginary devise.

Sony said its ‘Vinoculars’ or video binoculars are the first devices of their kind in the world. Unlike conventional models which rely on two sets of lenses, the hi-tech version captures images using two miniature cameras positioned in parallel. The images are displayed live on high definition screens in the eye pieces, having the same look and experience of the traditional binoculars. Once the button is pressed, the glasses record images either in ordinary video or in 3D, say Sony experts. The Vinoculars can also capture still photographs, with all the images and videos saved to a memory stick.



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