Indian model threatens to go naked of government failed to adopt Lok Pal Bill

New Delhi, Aug 23: Even as the entire country is embroiled in hot debate on the crusade of Gandhian Anna Hazare against the all-pervading corruption in the country, a Delhi model has threatened to go naked if the Jan Lok Pal bill as demanded by Anna Hazare was not introduced in the Parliament.

The model Salina Wali Khan says her threat was for a public cause and not for publicity. Salina is an actor and is presently sitting on strike at the Ramlila Grounds along with Anna Hazare.
The model said:  “Today everyone is with Anna Hazare because of his honesty and so am I. Today you face corruption at every government office. You will have to pay the babus (employees) for every little work to be done. Every one is affected by corruption.” She added that she took part in the protest at the Ramlila Grounds on the very first day of Anna’s protest.
Speaking to a popular newspaper, Salina stated how she had to pay Rs 500 to a government official for getting her ration card. Adding that this was one of the instances where she was forced to bribe, she said that she was a victim of corruption many other times as well. She said, “Today a person can get a passport on fake documents by bribing the government official. But the person who is in need and is genuine is running form pillar to post. You can’t get your work done without paying a bribe.”


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