Chain snatcher has huge properties and 2 wives

Mumbai: Police were shocked to find that a chain snatcher whom they arrested to be having properties worth over Rs. 70 lakhs. He has his own house in an expensive area and a car.

Police have arrested Nazir Shaik (39), while trying to snatch a woman’s gold chain at a rally to support Gandhian Anna Hazare who has been fasting for ending corruption in India.  When they probed into his background, they found that he has a house in Kalyan, in Thane district, a car and also two wives.

Police initially assumed that Shaik was a petty criminal. But further probe revealed a story of rags to riches. He has property in Navi Mumbai, Kalyan and a flat in a posh locality in New Panvel. Apart from car, he also has a motor cycle. Police are however sad that they could not do any thing about his property. At the most they could send him for a small jail term as he was caught in the act of stealing and had not stolen anything. They might not be able to prove his other crimes, though he had admitted to having committed five. The women whose chains he snatched would be difficult to find now.


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