Guddafi constructed a whole city underground

Rebels who overran the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi were shocked to find a whole city underneath the capital Tripoli. They found a maze of tunnels leading to almost every art of the capital and assume that the dictator, his family members and other important persons of entourage might have escaped through these tunnels. Rebel commanders said that these tunnels were high enough for two persons to walk alongside. Small vehicles like golf buggies could run through them. Rebels in fact found few abandoned golf buggies in the tunnels. The Telegraph reported that Gaddafi who could have the blueprint of these tunnels could have fled through these.

The tunnels have outlets to two of the houses in Abu Salim district of Tripoli, where rebels laid a siege last night after intelligence reports said that Gaddafi was hiding there. But the raids proved to be futile.

Rebel leader Riad Gniedi told the media “It is normal that some one like Muammar would do this to protect himself. Any dictator has to have a way to protect himself and to escape in times like this. Rebels have been trying to unravel the mysteries of the Bab al-Aziziya compound.


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