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Hyderabad, Sept. 22 (NSS): A girl from Bangladesh, who was allegedly abducted and detained in the
city by an inter-state network of traffickers for commercial sexual exploitation, was rescued by the
women’s cell of the CID.
According to a pressnote from the CID, on August 6 this year, the Additional Director General
of Police, CID, State Nodal Officer for Anti-Human Trafficking, received a fax message flashed by the
West Bengal CID about abduction of a Bangladeshi girl by name Asma. The only clue available was a
mobile phone operated from Hyderabad through which the victim sought help. On his directions, the
SP, WPC formed a Special Team comprising one DSP, two Inspectors and staff from WPC and Cyber
team wings of C.I.D.
The team successfully traced the girl with help of call details of mobile phone number and
frequent callers list of the said SIM card and also set up informants. During investigation, it was
discovered that those three persons Moiz alias Srinivas, Pooja and Kajal are living in a house being
used for prostitution. It was also revealed that the traffickers used several houses in various locations to
run their flesh racket such as Picket, Secunderabad, Saifabad and Banjara Hills. The team traced the
girl to Pune and rescued the victim Kajal alias Aisha alias Asma with the help of an informer and
brought her to Hyderabad.
A case was registered on September 20 on the basis of the inquiry report. The victim was
produced before the court and sent to rescue home for counseling and safe custody. After verifying
correct details and address of the victim girl, she will be handed over to the parents through court.
Efforts are being continued to apprehend the culprits and rescue other girls from the clutches of the
The CID worked in coordination with Cyberabad Commissionerate and Taskforce, Hyderabad
City in this operation. (NSS)
New Delhi, Sept. 22 (NSS): The Congress MP from Nizamabad, Mr Madhu Yashki Goud, has
described the AICC official spokesperson, Ms Renuka Choudary, as a traitor of Telangana.
Mr Yashki has called on the Congress senior leader, Mr Janardhan Dwiwedi, here and
complained to him that Ms Renuka Choudary has heckled the general strike (Sakala Janula Samme)
being observed in Telangana and hurt the sentiments of the people of the region.
Talking to the media later, Mr Yashki said Ms Renuka Choudary was talking as she liked
about the Telangana movement as she lacked understanding. Mr Goud has said that Telangana cause
could be furthered, if an all-party delegation came to New Delhi and held discussions with the Central
government. He felt that Telangana State would be possible only if an all-party delegation mounted
pressure on the Union government.
Mr Goud appealed to all the political parties to take an initiative to send such a delegation to the capital
so that leaders of different parties could explain the situation in the State to the Delhi leaders. He also
felt that there was no use in the Telangana public representatives coming to New Delhi again and again
to urge the Union government to concede Telangana. Stating that statehood would not be possible
through resignations, he said only through direct action, it could be achieved. (NSS)
Hyderabad, Sept. 22 (NSS): The YSR Congress leader and MLC, Mr Jupudi Prabhakara Rao, has said
that the Chief Minister, Mr N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, has lost the confidence of the people. He said this
was the reason why he was announcing spicy new schemes.
In a statement here on Thursday, Mr Prabhakara Rao has said that Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy was
resorting to all kinds of gimmicks to prove that he was the real Chief Minister.
Mr Jupudi has ridiculed the Chief Minister for claiming that he was the real brain behind all
the welfare schemes and it was at his behest that late YSR had implemented those schemes. He said
that Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy was now burning with the desire to get more popularity than YSR who
won the hearts of the people through his Rs 2-a-kg rice scheme and this was the reason why he had
announced the Re 1-a-kg rice scheme. (NSS)
Hyderabad, Sept. 22 (NSS): The Congress MP, Mr Ponnam Prabhakar, has sarcastically said that if the
Chief Minister, Mr N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, revealed the secret of his lobbying in New Delhi, through
which he got the CM post, they would follow the same technique to achieve Telangana.
The Telangana Congress leaders, including Mr Ponnam Prabhakar, Mr Gutta Sukhender Reddy
and others met at the residence of the MP, Mr Komatireddy Rajagopal, on Wednesday night and
discussed about their future course of action in the Telangana movement.
Talking to the media later, Mr Ponnam flayed the remarks of the Chief Minister. He said if he
told them how to do lobbying, they would get Telangana through that method. Mr Ponnam and Mr
Gutta have exuded confidence that the Centre would certainly concede Telangana.
Meanwhile, when Mr Rajagopal Reddy has gone to express solidarity with the Sakala Janula
Samme at Ibrahimpatnam, the JAC leaders did not allow him to speak. They shouted ‘Rajagopal Reddy
– go back.’ His attempts to go on to the dais and speak were foiled. (NSS)
Hyderabad, Sept. 22 (NSS): The bail petition of mining baron and former minister of Karnataka Gali
Janardhana Reddy, who was arrested on charges of grave mining irregularities, has once again been
posted to September 29 as lawyers continued to boycott the court as part of the “Sakala Janula Samme”
(All people’s strike).
It may be mentioned here that hearing on the bail petition of the mining baron was posted
to Monday. Arguments on the petition were disrupted by the striking advocates. As the advocates
continued to boycott courts, the Special Judge of the CBI Court adjourned the hearing on the bail
petition to September 29. Even the counsel for Mr Gali Janardhana Reddy too abstained from the court
as part of the All people’s strike for the cause of Telangana State.
Meanwhile, the CBI filed a counter against the bail petition on Thursday pleading with the
court to extend the custody of Gali Janardhana Reddy and his Obulapuram Mining Company’s
Managing Director Srinivasa Reddy, as they had not cooperated with the agency in its inquiry to elicit
information. In the counter, the CBI prosecutor stated that if the prime accused were released on bail
at this stage, the accused may try to tamper with the incriminating evidence by hook or the crook. The
CBI also stated that the “mighty” accused might influence the key witnesses by arm-twisting methods
or wooing them with money power. Stating that several other officials concerned were needed to be
interrogated in the case, the CBI expressed doubts that the accused may succeed in destroying the
evidence if they were granted bail when the investigation was in final stage.
The CBI told the court that Srinivas Reddy never signed files as OMC managing director and
Gali Janardhana Reddy and his wife Aruna alone initialed files and they resorted to illegal mining with
the help of forged documents. As there was no change in the second bail petition, there was no need to
grant bail to the accused, it added. Moreover, many people, followers of Gali Janardhan Reddy were on
the run after the CBI had taken up investigation into the illegal mining practices. The accused were
arrested on the basis of preliminary evidence, it added.
When the bail petitions of both Janardhana Reddy and Srinivasa Reddy came up for hearing on
Thursday, their counsel were also not found in the court. As such the Special CBI court at Nampalli has
posted the petitions as well as the counter of the CBI to September 29. (NSS)

Hyderabad, Sept. 22 (NSS): The Minister for Civil Supplies, Mr D. Sridhar Babu, on Thursday tasted
bitter experience from the Telangana employees in the Secretariat and forced him to abruptly withdraw
from the media conference.
Mr Sridhar Babu, along with the Minister for Revenue, Mr N Raghuveera Reddy, and the Minister
for Tourism, Mr Vatti Vasant Kumar, called a press conference in the J-block conference hall in the
Secretariat at 1 pm to brief the media about Re 1 kg rice and other welfare measures announced by the
Chief Minister on Wednesday.
Knowing about the presence of Mr Sridhar Babu at the media conference, the Telangana
employees of the Secretariat, who were staging a dharna near H-bock, forcibly entered the conference
As the employees outnumbered the police personnel, the latter failed to prevent them. Efforts of
gunmen of the three ministers to stop the employees by closing doors of the conference hall also
proved futile. The employees barged into the conference hall by raising slogans against Mr Sridhar
Babu. They raised slogans “Jai Telangana”, “Sridhar Babu Down Down” and warning “Telangana
As the efforts of the security men to stop the employees have failed, a large number of employees
entered the hall and disrupted the media conference of the ministers. This incident has once again
highlighted the security lapse in the Secretariat.
Disciplining the agitating Telangana employees, the Secretariat Telangana Employees JAC
president, Mr M Narender Rao, sought permission of the minister saying that they want to talk with Mr
Sridhar Babu and took the mike from the side of journalists benches. He shot a series of questions to
Mr Sridhar Babu, who belongs to Telangana region, for attending the press conference at a time when
all the employees and workers were on strike for Telangana statehood.
Referring to the bombastic statements made by the political leaders earlier, particularly belonging
to the ruling Congress party, Mr Rao said that such comments have provoked the employees, who were
leading happy lives with their families. He held the Telangana ruling party leaders being responsible
for the unrest prevailing in the region. He directly asked Mr Sridhar Babu, who had earlier quit his
posts as a son of Telangana, why was he attending to the duties now?
“As a young leader, you have a bright political career for another 30 to 40 years. Why are you
doing such things? Have you no responsibility on the Telangana issue?”, he questioned the Civil
Supplies Minister. Stunned by the incident, Mr Sridhar Babu tried to give an explanation for his
presence at the media conference. He also tried to pacify the employees.
Mr Sridhar Babu said
that he and his colleagues were fighting with the party high command on Telangana statehood issue
and trying to convince the Centre. “I never asked the employees to go on strike on the issue. I would
never back track from my commitment on the issue. I am attending to duties as my resignation has
not been accepted. I need your cooperation also to build up my leadership. Ultimately, the people
will give a verdict every five years on the performance of the elected representatives. You should
also understand me. Moreover, I am attending the media conference as it related to welfare scheme
of Re 1 per kg rice, which benefits the poor”.
The employees insisted Mr Sridhar Babu to leave
the conference hall and extend solidarity with their agitation. Finally, the minister left the media
conference hall saying that he was not fearing the protest, but doing so as a Telangana supporter. The
minister left the conference hall along with the Telangana employees and also shouted “Jai Telangana”
Later, the press conference of the ministers continued. (NSS)

In an apparent attempt at convincing the people of USA and the government that it was a great  champion of peace, Pakistan has released a half-page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal which reads: “Which Country Can Do More for Your Peace? Only Pakistan.” The Ad recounts statistics about costs and casualties Pakistan has incurred from bomb blasts and suicide attacks. Pakistan has reportedly tried to place the Ad first in New York Times, where it was rejected.

The fact that Pakistan’s self-claim of being the sentinel of peace would not convince any one in the US is best illustrated through the statement of the US Vice President Joseph Biden who described Pakistan an “unreliable ally.”  In an interview to CNN on the occasion of 9/11 anniversary, he has suggested Pakistan has the blood of American soldiers on its hands.  He further said Pakistan has failed “on occasion” when forced to choose between the US and al-Qaida. The price of Pakistan’s choice has been the “loss of life of American soldiers in Afghanisthan.” The is the most trenchant public observation by any US top authority on Pakistan’s connections with al-Qaida.

The US Vice President however added, Pakistan “has been very helpful in other times… But it’s not sufficient. They have to get better… And it’s in their interest that they be more cooperative with us. We are demanding it.”