Hyderabad, Sept.2 (NSS): State Assembly Speaker Nadendla Manohar, who is caught in a WikiLeaks
controversy, wants the Ministry of External Affairs to probe into the matter to clear his name and prove
his innocence about certain alleged remarks being attributed to him in the report.
It might be mentioned here that in a reported expose by the WikiLeaks it was alleged that Mr.
Manohar, while he was the Deputy Speaker, in a conversation with the US Consulate-General in
Hyderabad in 2009 on the Telangana issue had allegedly made some objectionable comments on the
role of the students and also about the movement being used for recruitment of naxalites.
The reported WikiLeaks expose attributing the alleged remarks to the new Assembly Speaker
had triggered off a major controversy with the Opposition parties, especially the votaries of separate
Telangana, demanding his resignation.
Even as the Telangana protagonists and student leaders were hunting for his scalp, the Speaker
today stoutly denied the charge that he had ever made such comments on the Telangana issue. “I am
very much pained to learn about the so-called WikiLeaks report attributing to me about making certain
comment. It is totally false and seem to be intended to tarnish my name with vested interests”, he
Reiterating that he had not made any remarks as was being alleged in the so-called WikiLeaks
report, Mr. Manohar said that he would write a letter to the Minister for External Affairs, Mr. S. M.
Krishna to immediately inquire into the matter to unravel the game plan behind the report to defame
him. (NSS).

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