Gali arrest only on evidence: Lakshmi Narayana

Hyderabad, Sept 5 (NSS): CBI Joint Director Mr. Lakshmi Narayana has said that they had arrested former Karnataka minister Mr. Gali Janardana Reddy and the OMC MD Srinivasa Reddy only on proper evidence.
The CBI team led by Mr. Lakshminarayana which arrested the two had reached Hyderabad. Talking to the media later, he said the CBI had arrested them only after securing proper evidence. He said they were arrested under mining and forest acts.
Janardana Reddy was brought to the CBI office in Kothi at around 1310 hrs on Monday.
Mr. Lakshmi Narayana has said that CBI would question Mr. Reddy and get more information. When asked if there would be more arrests, he said if they had evidence against any one they would arrest. He has assured the media that they would be posted of all latest information.
Mr. Janardana Reddy and Mr. Srivasa were produced in the CBI court in Nampalli in the evening. They were taken to the court through the back gate of the Kothi office of the CBI in Kothi.
It is learnt that the CBI has been searching the residence of Mr. Karunakara Reddy, brother of Mr. Janardana Reddy and former Karnataka minister Sri Ramulu in Bellary of Karnataka state.   (NSS)


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