Helicopter, Rs. 3 crores cash 30 kgs of gold seized from Gali Janardana Reddy

Hyderabad, Sept 5 (NSS): The CBI which has raided the houses of the Karnataka BJP leader and former minister Mr. Gali Janardana Reddy has reportedly seized Rs. 3 crores in cash and 30 kgs of gold.
Sleuths of the investigating agency had also seized his helicopter and other vehicles.
Medical tests were conducted on Janardana Reddy and Obulapuram Mining Company MD Srinivasa Reddy after the two were brought to the CBI office in Kothi from Bangaluru.
CBI sleuths were continuing their search in the Parijata apartments of Janardana Reddy at Bangalore when reports last came in.
CBI authorities had raided the house of Janardhana Reddy during the wee hours of Monday had arrested him at around 0630 hrs.
CBI authorities had found Rs. 1.5 crores in cash in the house of Srinivasa Reddy, MD of the OMC. They have questioned Ms. Aruna, wife of Mr. Janardana Reddy. They broke open a locked door in the house and searched the room. Four books, one lap top and a dairy was seized by the CBI  authorities. CBI authorities had searched the residences of Janardana Reddy’s brothers Karunakara Reddy and Somasekhara Reddy, apart from his main follower and Bellary MLA Mr. Sriramulu’s house.
It is learnt that the CBI might arrest some more persons including some officials later. (NSS)


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