US considers Pakistan’s claim of being champion of peace a big joke

In an apparent attempt at convincing the people of USA and the government that it was a great  champion of peace, Pakistan has released a half-page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal which reads: “Which Country Can Do More for Your Peace? Only Pakistan.” The Ad recounts statistics about costs and casualties Pakistan has incurred from bomb blasts and suicide attacks. Pakistan has reportedly tried to place the Ad first in New York Times, where it was rejected.

The fact that Pakistan’s self-claim of being the sentinel of peace would not convince any one in the US is best illustrated through the statement of the US Vice President Joseph Biden who described Pakistan an “unreliable ally.”  In an interview to CNN on the occasion of 9/11 anniversary, he has suggested Pakistan has the blood of American soldiers on its hands.  He further said Pakistan has failed “on occasion” when forced to choose between the US and al-Qaida. The price of Pakistan’s choice has been the “loss of life of American soldiers in Afghanisthan.” The is the most trenchant public observation by any US top authority on Pakistan’s connections with al-Qaida.

The US Vice President however added, Pakistan “has been very helpful in other times… But it’s not sufficient. They have to get better… And it’s in their interest that they be more cooperative with us. We are demanding it.”


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