New Delhi, Sept. 22 (NSS): The Congress MP from Nizamabad, Mr Madhu Yashki Goud, has
described the AICC official spokesperson, Ms Renuka Choudary, as a traitor of Telangana.
Mr Yashki has called on the Congress senior leader, Mr Janardhan Dwiwedi, here and
complained to him that Ms Renuka Choudary has heckled the general strike (Sakala Janula Samme)
being observed in Telangana and hurt the sentiments of the people of the region.
Talking to the media later, Mr Yashki said Ms Renuka Choudary was talking as she liked
about the Telangana movement as she lacked understanding. Mr Goud has said that Telangana cause
could be furthered, if an all-party delegation came to New Delhi and held discussions with the Central
government. He felt that Telangana State would be possible only if an all-party delegation mounted
pressure on the Union government.
Mr Goud appealed to all the political parties to take an initiative to send such a delegation to the capital
so that leaders of different parties could explain the situation in the State to the Delhi leaders. He also
felt that there was no use in the Telangana public representatives coming to New Delhi again and again
to urge the Union government to concede Telangana. Stating that statehood would not be possible
through resignations, he said only through direct action, it could be achieved. (NSS)

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