Hyderabad, Sept. 22 (NSS): The bail petition of mining baron and former minister of Karnataka Gali
Janardhana Reddy, who was arrested on charges of grave mining irregularities, has once again been
posted to September 29 as lawyers continued to boycott the court as part of the “Sakala Janula Samme”
(All people’s strike).
It may be mentioned here that hearing on the bail petition of the mining baron was posted
to Monday. Arguments on the petition were disrupted by the striking advocates. As the advocates
continued to boycott courts, the Special Judge of the CBI Court adjourned the hearing on the bail
petition to September 29. Even the counsel for Mr Gali Janardhana Reddy too abstained from the court
as part of the All people’s strike for the cause of Telangana State.
Meanwhile, the CBI filed a counter against the bail petition on Thursday pleading with the
court to extend the custody of Gali Janardhana Reddy and his Obulapuram Mining Company’s
Managing Director Srinivasa Reddy, as they had not cooperated with the agency in its inquiry to elicit
information. In the counter, the CBI prosecutor stated that if the prime accused were released on bail
at this stage, the accused may try to tamper with the incriminating evidence by hook or the crook. The
CBI also stated that the “mighty” accused might influence the key witnesses by arm-twisting methods
or wooing them with money power. Stating that several other officials concerned were needed to be
interrogated in the case, the CBI expressed doubts that the accused may succeed in destroying the
evidence if they were granted bail when the investigation was in final stage.
The CBI told the court that Srinivas Reddy never signed files as OMC managing director and
Gali Janardhana Reddy and his wife Aruna alone initialed files and they resorted to illegal mining with
the help of forged documents. As there was no change in the second bail petition, there was no need to
grant bail to the accused, it added. Moreover, many people, followers of Gali Janardhan Reddy were on
the run after the CBI had taken up investigation into the illegal mining practices. The accused were
arrested on the basis of preliminary evidence, it added.
When the bail petitions of both Janardhana Reddy and Srinivasa Reddy came up for hearing on
Thursday, their counsel were also not found in the court. As such the Special CBI court at Nampalli has
posted the petitions as well as the counter of the CBI to September 29. (NSS)

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