New Delhi, Sept. 22 (NSS): The Congress MP from Nizamabad, Mr Madhu Yashki Goud, has
described the AICC official spokesperson, Ms Renuka Choudary, as a traitor of Telangana.
Mr Yashki has called on the Congress senior leader, Mr Janardhan Dwiwedi, here and
complained to him that Ms Renuka Choudary has heckled the general strike (Sakala Janula Samme)
being observed in Telangana and hurt the sentiments of the people of the region.
Talking to the media later, Mr Yashki said Ms Renuka Choudary was talking as she liked
about the Telangana movement as she lacked understanding. Mr Goud has said that Telangana cause
could be furthered, if an all-party delegation came to New Delhi and held discussions with the Central
government. He felt that Telangana State would be possible only if an all-party delegation mounted
pressure on the Union government.
Mr Goud appealed to all the political parties to take an initiative to send such a delegation to the capital
so that leaders of different parties could explain the situation in the State to the Delhi leaders. He also
felt that there was no use in the Telangana public representatives coming to New Delhi again and again
to urge the Union government to concede Telangana. Stating that statehood would not be possible
through resignations, he said only through direct action, it could be achieved. (NSS)

Nalgonda, Sept. 12 (NSS): The elected representatives of the Congress in the Telangana region on Monday excoriated the Seemandhra leaders — Minor Irrigation Minister, Mr T G Venkatesh, and MPs, Mr Kavuri Sambasiva Rao and Mr Rayapati Sambasiva Rao — for claiming that formation of separate Telangana State was impossible.

Speaking to mediapersons in Nalgonda, the senior Congress leader and Panchayat Raj Minister, Mr K Jana Reddy, warned Mr Venkatesh and Mr Kavuri not to make provocative statements, otherwise, they will have to face dire consequences if they failed to mend their provocative behaviour. Reiterating that formation of separate Telangana State was possible only through the Congress party, Mr Jana Reddy also made it clear that they (Telangana Congress leaders) would follow anybody who promised to fetch separate State.

Pledging full support to the “Sakala Janula Samme” (general strike) called by the Telangana Political JAC, Mr Reddy felt that they cannot achieve their goal by organizing protest meetings. He also alleged that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi was misleading the people of the region on the issue.

Another Telangana Congress leader and Infrastructure Minister, Mr Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, has warned that those who spoke against separate Telangana State would not be allowed to step into the region.

In Warangal, the BC Welfare Minister, Mr B. Saraiah, the MPs, Mr Rajaiah and Mr Balram Naik, in separate statements stated that they would extend full support to the general strike commencing from September 13. They also demanded that the party high command expel Mr Kavuri, Rayapati and T. G. Venkatesh from the party for speaking against Telangana in violation of the party discipline.

Speaking to mediapersons in Prakasam, the State CPI secretary, Dr K. Narayana, also lashed out at Mr Kavuri, Mr Rayapati and Mr Venkatesh for their provocative remarks on the decades old issue. (NSS)


Hyderabad, Sept 5 (NSS): BJP senior leader Dr. K Lakshman has demanded that Telangana be declared before the Telangana Liberation Day on September  17,
In a statement here on Monday, he said the government would be totally responsible for all the consequences of the General Strike. He said the Congress party should abide by its resolution in 2004. He has expressed confidence that the central government would come down with the General Strike.
Dr. Lakshman has said that his party has decided to hoist national flags in the police parade grounds in all the districts on the occasion of the Telangana Liberation Day. He has appealed to the people to participate in the programme in large numbers.  (NSS)

Hyderabad, Sept.2 (NSS): The Telangana Political Joint Action Committee Chairman, Prof.
Kodandaram, today admitted that there were trivial differences between the TJAC and the Bharatiya
Janata Party over some minor issues.
Prof. Kodandaram and TJAC Co-convener, Mr Mallepally Laxmaiah, called on the CPI State
Secretary, Dr K. Narayana, at Makhdom Bhavan here today. Prof. Kodandaram said that small
differences over some issues among the Telangana JAC constituents were simple.
Speaking to mediapersons, the TJAC convenor said that they have discussed with Dr Narayana

about the future course of action on Telangana movement and Sakala Janula Samme (general strike)
from September 13. He said that he had explained future course action to Dr Narayana, who reportedly
told him that he would discuss the issue in the party meeting. (NSS)

Hyderabad, Aug. 17 (NSS): The TDP dissident MLA, Mr Venugopala Chary, met the Speaker, Mr. Nadendla Manohar, here on Wednesday.

Speaking to mediapersons later, Mr Venugopalachary said he has urged the Speaker to accept his resignation.

It may be recalled that the Speaker had rejected the resignations of all the Telangana members stating that they had resigned on emotion and could not be accepted. (NSS)

Hyderabad, Aug. 17 (NSS): A student made an attempt to commit suicide by stabbing himself in front of the Secretariat at 9.30 am on Wednesday for the cause of Telangana.

       Mr Sandeep Reddy of the Osmania University came to the Secretariat in the morning and stabbed himself with a knife in front of the Secretariat putting the police on tenterhooks.

Reacting to the incident sharply, the police rushed him to Osmania General Hospital. The condition of the student is said to be stable. (NSS)

Hyderabad, Aug.15 (NSS): The Telangana Congress leaders attempt to hoist the National Flag at Telangana Martyrs Statue at Gun Park on the occasion of Independence Day were foiled. The Police successfully disrupted the flag hoisting programme by not allowing digging the flag stick.

            The Telangana Congress leaders have decided on August 14 to hoist the national flag and Telangana Congress flag at Gun Park paying tributes to the Telangana Martyrs. But the police have different plans. The police department has deployed security personal in large numbers since Sunday night itself to obstruct the Telangana Congress leaders’ flag hoisting programme. The police obstructed the organizers to dig the flag stick and taken it away from the organizers. The Telangana Congress Steering Committee media coordinator Mr Ganta Sathyanarayana Reddy tried three times to dig the flag stick at Telangana Martyrs Statue.

The leaders including the MPs Dr K Keshava Rao, Dr Manda Jagannadam, Dr Vivek and former Minister Mr Jupally Krishna Rao, MLCs Mr KR Amos, Mr K Yadava Reddy, Mr Indrasen Reddy and senior leaders Mr P Narsa Reddy, Mr Palvai Goverdhan Reddy, PCC general secretaries Mr Niranjan and Rapolu Ananda Bhasker and many other leaders attended the programme.

Due to the police disruption, Dr Keshava Rao hoisted three feet national flag and three feet Telangana Congress flag amidst Telangana slogans. Later they paid floral tributes to the Telangana Martyrs. (NSS)



Hyderabad, Aug.15 (NSS): Describing the police who obstructed the national flag hoisting programme at Telangana Martyrs Statue at Gun Park here on Monday as criminals, the Telangana Congress Steering Committee (TCSC) demanded the State government to initiate action against them. It condemned the obstruction of flag hosting programme and asked the government to think over it.

Speaking to the media at Gun Park, the TCSC Chairman Dr K Keshava Rao has said that the obstruction of national flag hoisting would become a criminal offence. He expressed doubts that the government might have its hand in obstruction of the national flag hoisting. He described the Telangana Congress flag as a soul of Telangana agitators demanding for separate State. He said they tried to hoist the flag in a respective mode but due to the police act it became very difficult. Referring to the Court judgment in favor of BJP leader Ms Sushma Swaraj for obstructing her from hoisting the national flag in Jammu Kashmir some time ago, Dr Keshava Rao said that the same has happened in Hyderabad too.

Alleging that the government was talking in a manner lowering the Telangana issue, he said that they were silently condemning their attitude. He suggested to the government to think itself whether the obstruction of national flag hoisting was good or bad.

Reiterating his challenge thrown to the CNN-IBN, Dr Keshava Rao once again made it clear that the Telangana Congress leaders would give up the agitation if anybody gets the deposit contesting on the plank of United Andhra in the Telangana region.

Dr Manda Jaganadam has demanded the Chief Minister Mr N Kiran Kumar Reddy to initiate action against the police officials who disrupted the hoisting of national flag at Telangana Martyrs Statue. He strongly condemned the heavy deployment of police at the venue and demanded the government to take action against them for lowering the national flag.

Former Minister Mr Jupally Krishna Rao made it clear that nobody will stop the formation of separate Telangana State by creating hurdles. Urging the youth not to commit suicides, he demanded the State government to dismiss the police officials who obstructed the hoisting of national flag at Gun Park.

Peddapally MP Mr Vivek said that the next Independence Day will be held in a new Telangana State. He said that the Telangana State will be created as a 32 State and called upon every one to participate in the movement to achieve it. (NSS)